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  • Ergofit Headgear
  • Easy Frame
  • RollFit Seal
  • Prescription Needed

Product Overview

The Eson Nasal Mask Fisher And Paykel

Introducing the Eson Nasal Mask F&P for Sale. In addition to being a Mask that is sold throughout the world and recognized as Fisher & Paykel it is. We can say that it is a Good Quality Nasal and a very good Market price. This Nasal mask offers a quick adjustment with just two clicks, the perfect fit will be accessed so as not to lose pressure on the face.By the way this mask perfectly supports our nose so that it reduces the redness of other brands.

A lightweight silicone allows greater flexibility of the mask. We can also say that the Eson Nasal Mask F&P provides a brilliant maintenance facility.

We can say that it is super easy to clean and thanks to the quality of the silicone impurities are quickly removed with water while scrubbing.


The Easy Frame comes with a “Q Cover” elbow vent for super-quiet use and minimal partner draft. The ball-and-socket elbow rotates for freedom of movement while minimizing drag from your CPAP or BiPAP tubing.

RollFit Seal

As the name suggests, the one piece seal ‘rolls’ back and forth on the bridge of the nose to adjust automatically. In doing so, the RollFit Technology reduces pressure on the bridge of the nose. The RollFit Seal incorporates Integrated Stability Panels to enhance sealing performance and stability.

Easy on patients and bed partners

The F&P Eson is super quiet with minimal draft allowing for an undisrupted sleep for you and your bed partner

Fisher And Paykel Mask options

  • Small Nasal Mask

  • Medium Nasal Mask

  • Large Nasal Mask

Peso 0.52 lbs
Dimensiones 10.5 × 16 × 1 in
Aprobado por la FAA



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