Traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrators are considered low-weight equipment, designed to adapt to patients who are active, that is, who move around their home or must travel.

These teams give the user the freedom to move without difficulties, with great comfort throughout the day.

This type of machine helps to solve respiratory diseases, providing a practical and safe solution which can be used inside the home or in other places.

Oxygen concentrators can be used as long as it is under medical prescription, that is, it must be authorized and required only by those who suffer from respiratory failure.

How, where and when can portable oxygen concentrators be used?

This type of equipment can be used in the patient’s home, hospitals, temporarily during trips or outside the home in daily outings.

They can work connected to the electricity of your house or through rechargeable batteries.

It has an autonomy that goes between three and eight hours (depending on the model), thus providing great flexibility to enjoy the desired activities, even outside the home.

Benefits of portable oxygen concentrators

Nowadays there are oxygen concentrators that have unlimited doses, in addition, most of the models are portable, safe, and easy to transport, which simplifies the application of oxygen for an elderly person wherever they are.

These teams are designed to be transported easily, some can weigh less than 2.2 kg giving portability and mobility.

Also, oxygen concentrators will never run out of oxygen as long as you have air available and a battery or other power supply to keep it going.

The cost is another advantage, once it is purchased it can be used forever, so the investment will only be made once. The advantage is that the device can be used continuously without having to be attentive to recharging. An oxygen concentrator is a good long-term option.

They are safer devices because they provide controlled doses (for example, those that give pulse doses). These devices create oxygen according to the patient’s need, eliminating the concern of leakage to the environment.

Now that you know the benefits of these products, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your doctor to be able to evaluate the option that best suits your needs.

You must take into account relevant aspects such as the size of the device, the oxygen supply, the use that is going to be given, and the indications given by the health specialist according to the respiratory disease to be treated. The option you choose should be the one that best suits your needs.

Recommended Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Know more about Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator. Although the Inogen One G3 concentrator doesn’t date from this year, it has been a staple in the portable oxygen concentrator community ever since it hit the market.

This is partly attributed to the Inogen name, but in all honesty, this portable oxygen concentrator is well built and extremely reliable.

It’s small and lightweight has great battery life and is easily one of the most reliable portable oxygen concentrators on the market today.

CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort Portable Concentrator

Smart O2 Delivery Unique clinical features including UltraSense, autoDOSE, and myCAIRETM help ensure your patients get the oxygen they need when they need it.

With 5 settings and up to 1050 ml of oxygen per minute, the FreeStyle Comfort meets a wide range of patient needs. The unit provides up to 95% pure oxygen to further ensure proper saturation.

Robust design features, including sieve bed technology and critical components, allow for minimal maintenance and long life. CAIRE offers one of the best warranties available, with a 3-year warranty on the device and screen beds.

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