Everything you need to know about buying a CPAP machine

CPAP equipment is recommended in people who suffer from sleep apnea, that is, who suffer respiratory pauses during the moment of rest, this may be due to a collapse of the airway. In addition to generating problems when sleeping, it can generate other problems such as coronary heart disease. That is why these devices, designed in the 1980s, help provide continuous positive pressure on the patient’s airway.

Next we will explain how it works and what type of CPAP machines exist on the market.

How do CPAP machines for sleep apnea work?

These tools are made up of external equipment that is responsible for transmitting a constant positive pressure through a tube, which connects to a mask that is placed on the patient’s face. It can be placed on the nose or mouth, depending on the type of model used

The masks that make up the CPAP machines are made of a flexible plastic, which provides greater comfort to the patient and also contains a small outlet so that it can eliminate air.

It does not matter which model is used, in any case it is necessary to pay attention to how the mask is fitted and then test that there is no oxygen leak.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account that each model requires an adaptation period so that the user who uses it feels really comfortable. This process is gradual and you need to take your time to understand how the CPAP machine works. It should be added that you have to avoid the use of sleeping pills, smoking, drinking alcohol or large dinners.

What kind of CPAP machines are there on the market?

Currently, the competition for CPAP equipment is very high and there are many technology brands that are immersed in the world of sleep therapy to help improve the quality of life of users, among them we can highlight the Philips company. This organization has a long history in the generation of health equipment and has developed its own machine for sleep apnea.

The equipment is known as DreamWear and is a sensitive tool that helps increase the flow of oxygen to the patient. That mean, it has a tube that is located in the upper part of the user’s head, which provides greater freedom and movement to rest more peacefully.

It connects to a support known as DreamStation, which is a silent device that allows you to customize the therapy, since it has an extensive menu where you can program your routines for sleep apnea. It is compact and very easy to use.

Within our website, we can find some CPAP machines at very affordable prices, for example: the Airfit F20 face mask, which allows a quick release of oxygen, its design is very versatile and has an advanced Quietair diffuser elbow. Its current price is $ 109.00.

We also have the AirFit N20 nasal mask available, it provides greater visibility to the user as it is an N20 mask and offers extreme comfort in the nostrils thanks to its good fit. Its price is 125.00 USD.

What else?

On the other hand, we can find the full-face AirTouch F20 that has a padded helmet with magnetic clips, multiple harness sizes available and an ultra-soft memory foam cushion for the whole face. Its value is $ 119.00.

In our virtual store you can find the Eson Nasal Mask which has an Ergofi harness, easy frame, the RollFit seal and for its use it is necessary to have a prescription. It has a cost of 100.00 USD.

There’s also the full-face Resmed Airfit F10 which features a lightweight, easy-to-use design, no front support, double-walled cushion, and quick-release circular elbow vent. Its value is $ 119.00.

Finally, the Swift Fx Nasal Pillow which has an easy-fit headgear, provides more comfort and softness throughout, its design is simple and elegant with elegant contours, the mask features a non-invasive nasal pillow and provides maximum stability. Its price is 78.00 USD.

How to buy your CPAP machine on our website?

If you have been interested in any of our equipment and you want to acquire one, this is your opportunity, you just have to enter our website. Then, you can go to the CPAP machines section, select the product you want to purchase, enter it in the shopping cart, complete the form With your personal and shipping information, choose the payment method and that’s it. The company will inform you by email when your team is due to arrive.

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