5 tips to improve your mental health at work

No stress at Work

Taking care of your mental health is essential; your emotional and physical health, your performance in daily routines, your perception of yourself and your relationship with others also depend on it.

That is why you should consider taking care of your mental health at work. Whether you work at home, or you have to work in an office, there are a number of tips that will help you maintain your mental well-being.

In this article we will give you some tips, however, keep in mind the possibility of accessing online therapy if the workload is getting to you. 

Take some time to eat

It is important to change the environment at lunchtime, it allows you to better enjoy that moment and have quality time to clear your mind. 

Avoid eating in the work area or in front of the computer. You should move away to eat in a quiet, uncluttered place where you can enjoy your meal.

Changing the air helps you to oxygenate and relax, to feel better energy. 

Pause and meditate

There are times during working hours when it is necessary to take a break, that way you can keep a good attitude, and give your mind a rest.

Now, what can you do during that break? Take at least 5 minutes, and do a meditation exercise, reflect on your progress, your achievements, you can also do a gratitude exercise, that is, give thanks for your skills, knowledge, and opportunities.

Another exercise you can do is to write a journal during those 5 minutes of pause. You carry it with you throughout the workday, and you take it out during the break and write down reasons to be grateful. That way, you can channel the stress and mental fatigue. 

Clean and tidy

The order generates good feelings, allows you to have a clearer mind, and concentrate better, so that reduces the mental effort you have to make to perform your work tasks.

Therefore, we recommend that, in the case of your desk or work table, make sure it is always clear, tidy, and clean. You will see that your productivity will increase. So, in addition to the time for lunch and the 5 minutes to clear your mind, set aside about 10 minutes to clean and organize.

Also clear your computer, delete files you no longer need, delete old emails, and to keep it running optimally, clean up your software eventually. If your computer works well, you will be mentally calmer. 

Do different activities

Doing something new every day is therapeutic, it generates good feelings, it gets you out of the routine. It also gives you a sense of being in control of your life, because you can challenge routine.

On the other hand, when you do something new, interrupting the routine, you can have a better perspective on life and your performance. 

Some new things you can do are walking, reading, listening to music before starting your workday, drinking tea instead of coffee, among others. 

Lean on therapies

Finally, we recommend you to get online therapy to improve your mental health at work.

This recommendation is important because a psychologist will help you establish strategies to cope with work stress.

If you decide on online therapies, you can count on the advantage of not having to move to an office, and that the sessions can be adapted to the most convenient schedule for you.

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