Yoga for Seniors: How to Get Started?

Yoga is a great way for seniors to stay in shape and prevent age-related muscle pain, contractures or falls. A study conducted by the Department of Sport Exercise & Rehabilitation at Northumbria University found that yoga reduces risks associated with aging; most importantly it helps avoid those pesky fractures!

The calendar turns over each year bringing new challenges such as greater risk factors during our senior years . However there’s no need to be intimidated because this can all be easily avoided if we keep active both physically and mentally through activities like Yoga which offers many benefits including reducing chances of falls due to its impactful nature on BodyMassIndex(BMI).

Yoga for Elderly Beginners

We all know that as we get older, our risk for muscle pain and contractures increases. But it’s something you can prevent with a little bit of effort! The best bet is to stay active both physically AND mentally – which yoga provides in abundance (and at no cost!). 

And now there’s even more reason: data extracted from an exciting new study by Department Of Sport Exercise & Rehabilitation Northumbria University has found out just how much this type of exercise reduces seniors’ chances of falling victim.

Yoga is a mind-body practice that involves concentration between physical postures and breath control, resulting in an improvement of quality life as well as health. 

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors:

Specifically, in older people it achieves many improvements at the physical level, as detailed by the instructor

-More and better coordination in the movements.

-Greater flexibility.

-Postural correction.

-Strengthening of muscles and joints.

-Also benefits such as improved circulation, digestion and back pain.

-It can also help to reduce weight.

Conclusion: Yoga for Seniors

The World Health Organization recommends older adults get at least 150 minutes per week devoted to exercises alone; combined with yoga’s beneficial effects on mental state (such as improved cognitive function), there are many reasons why people should consider taking up this sport if they’re looking for ways to improve their everyday living.

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