What is the difference between oxygen tanks and portable oxygen concentrators?

portable oxygen concentrators

The important question is, why we should use oxygen concentrators? 

Patients who have #respiratorydisease and #COPD should check this. We have the solution 😉

Research shows there are more than 15 million Americans reported having respiratory-related diseases, which is necessary for them to use supplemental oxygen that meets their dosage requirements as their doctor prescribed. However, many patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) feels like prisoners locks in the house because they don’t have the lightweight, carry-able, and small portable oxygen concentrators to help them breathe outside the house.

Oxygen concentrators differ significantly from the traditional ones. There are several significant reasons why you should ditch your old oxygen tank and replace it with the new portable ones.

Just like fish cannot live without water, most people nowadays cannot live without their cell-phone while patients with respiratory-related diseases cannot live without oxygen therapy. Traditional large oxygen tanks (stationary oxygen concentrators) are like traditional telephones which is heavy and inconvenient for the patients who have lung diseases to carry around while portable oxygen concentrators are like the new smartphones that you can breathe better & easier while having fun. Amazingly, these small & lightweight portable oxygen concentrators provide an all-day oxygen solution for active oxygen patients.

Another major advantage is the portable ones are designed to be operated by normal patients with English manual and easy on/off switch. On the other hand, traditional large oxygen tanks especially liquid ones often need a professional to operate for safety concerns.

Also, oxygen concentrators do not require refilling which means the users do not have to worry about changing the tank when the oxygen runs out which increases the survival rate for some patients. Moreover, portable oxygen concentrators allow patients much more mobility than traditional tanks. Oxygen concentrators are battery powered and come with adapters so that they can be plugged into a car which allows maximum mobility.

In general, portable oxygen concentrators (POC) are becoming more and more popular over traditional oxygen tanks for three major reasons. It allows patients to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle as they can be taken anywhere, easy to operate by patients themselves and make their life easier.

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