AirFit N20 Nasal Mask


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AirFit N20 Nasal Mask



Today we present, manufactured by Resmed to Airfit N20 Nasal Mask. So this Nasal Mask the Resmed will offer us extreme comfort in our nostrils. Avoid continuous silicone support. The Nasal mask covers our entire nose preventing any air leakage. It also adds comfort once again with its specially designed headgear. because it is not only design but its materials make it super light and comfortable. It does not generate constant perspiration or irritation.

The Airfit N20 Nasal Mask with Headgear provides comfort and simplicity in a lightweight design. The InifinitySeal™ cushion helps ensure a proper fit throughout therapy.

The AirFit N20 features the InfinitySeal ™ cushion – the most adaptive that resmed a design
– along with a soft and flexible frame that includes integrated padding.

The result is a mask that comfortably moves with you and provides a reliable seal throughout the night, regardless of sleep position.



Features for Airfit N20 Resmed

  • InfinitySeal™ Cushion

The AirFit™ N20 cushion is an adaptive InfinitySeal™ cushion designed to fit and provide a reliable seal to various facial and nasal structures. The cushion has varying levels of thickness to provide a comfortable contact point on the nose, while also allowing a more reliable seal.

  • Open Field of Vision

    One of the AirFit N20 greatest advantages is its compact size and open layout. Unlike some CPAP masks that require bulky frames or obstructive support structures that mar the patient’s field of vision. Because the AirFit N20 provides users with a wide open view. The cushion’s compact dimensions are a pivotal aspect of this. but the real difference comes from the N20 frame’s thoughtful layout. which rests against the face well below the eye-line. The flexible frame also incorporates integrated padding, ensuring a stable fit without sacrificing patient comfort.

  • Magnetic clips

This Resmed mask is amazing. In addition to its high-end features that we name, it also has a magnetic clip system for our adjustment harness. Providing extreme ease and speed to accommodate our mask before bedtime. Do not waste more time and do not reveal more. Now you just need to turn on the Cpap and rest, Resmed N20 makes it easier for you!

  • Plush HeadgearThe AirFit™ N20 headgear is composed of soft fabric that helps provide added comfort while helping avoid pressure and marks. The headgear has four points of adjustment, allowing for a fine tuned fit and also provides a quick way to address leaks or other fit issues that may occur during the night. The mask includes a standard size headgear.
  • N20 Mask for Him and Her

The AirFit N20 is available with different cushion and headgear sizes to fit a wide range of men’s and women’s faces. Plush N20 Headgear is available with lavender or blue highlights to match your personal style.


AirFit N20 Nasal Mask

Product Documents

AirFit N20 Nasal Mask – User Guide

AirFit N20 Nasal Mask – Measure your face using a printed sizing template


How to fit your mask your AirFit N20 Nasal mask

Weight 0.52 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 16 × 1 in
FAA Approved



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