Columns Replacement Inogen One G4


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The Inogen G4 Columns is easy for release and change for news columns.

The Inogen G4 has the peculiarity, like other Inogen, of being easy to use. It is also easy to perform maintenance. So easy that the user can do it alone at home.

You can change columns in the G4 (vital for the proper functioning of the equipment in its useful life).

Characteristics and advantages of Inogen G4 Columns

  • Save hundreds of dollars and replace the columns yourself.
  • It does not waste any day of use leaving the equipment in repairs.
  • quick and easy.
  • Allow to keep a control every 6 months of use for a long life of Inogen G4.

How can you replace the Inogen g4 columns?

If after looking at these photographs you still have doubts about how to make your columns replacements for Inogen G4 you can call us today and now at (786) -656-5590 we will be here to assist you.

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