Do you need a prescription to buy a portable oxygen concentrator?

The portable oxygen concentrator is a device used to provide oxygen therapy to people suffering from respiratory problems. This equipment compresses the air around the patient and delivers it to them in a pure form. 

The supply of an oxygen concentrator is continuous and best of all, its battery does not drain, since it can keep it plugged into your electrical current, which provides you with more security. 

How does an oxygen concentrator really work? 

This section helps patients with respiratory failure or similar pathologies to breathe better and therefore increase their quality of life. You simply have to breathe in the regular air from an environment and automatically compress it to become pure and clean air. 

This type of concentrated oxygen is supplied to users through the use of masks or nasal cannulas and its effectiveness is based on the respiratory rate and the amount of O2 ingested by the patient. The breathing of a person while sleeping or resting is not the same as when doing an activity, the machine has the ability to regulate and deliver the necessary doses for each moment of the day. 

As we can see, this type of equipment is very efficient and autonomous, so its selection depends exclusively on the user’s lifestyle. 

There are different types of oxygen concentrator that vary depending on their weight, size, type of power and battery life. There are quieter but their size is larger, or somewhat louder but with perfect proportions. 

How can I get an oxygen concentrator? 

In order to start enjoying oxygen therapy at home, it is necessary to have the authorization of a doctor who indicates its use. This is very important since the professional will determine the type of oxygen concentrator that you really need and will also establish the number of times you must use it as well as the dose that you require. 

If you are interested in this type of equipment, do not hesitate to consult a health professional who will provide you with all the necessary information to guide you in your final choice. 

What kinds of portable oxygen concentrators are there? 

Within the oxygen therapy market we can find various brands that market this type of machine, among them Philips concentrator USA and Inogen stand out. Both companies have an important track record in the market and their products are made with top quality materials and the latest technology.

Philips concentrator offers a variety of portable oxygen therapy options, and each of its concentrators are designed to offer the user more autonomy and flexibility while in use, as well as helping to reduce home attendant expenses. 

Among its equipment we can highlight the SimplyGo Mini, a portable oxygen concentrator that has the ability to provide a good dose of oxygen to the patient but also its size makes it attractive, since its design is smaller and lighter, ideal for moving. 

The SimplyGo is another of its flagship products that allows the administration of the O2 dose per pulse, adapts to the patient’s lifestyle and is ideal for continuous therapies. 

The Inogen company is characterized by innovating with its products, that is why they are one of the most requested in the market. Each of its oxygen concentrators are designed with the objective of meeting the needs of its patients and providing them with a better quality of life. 

Among its products we can highlight the Inogen One System, which is made with the latest technology on the market which offers greater profitability and operational quality to each patient, among other things we can highlight its Bluetooth connection. 

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