Which are the best masks for CPAP therapy?

There are many types of masks available, depending on your medical condition and personal preference. In our last blog post we discussed some basics about sleep apnea as well as how it benefits from using a ramping system like those found at Night Shift Therapy

The effects will differ person-to data/effectiveness depends largely upon what type is prescribed by doctor  However all work towards making sure air reaches nose & mouth

Mask Selection:

When choosing a mask, consider the size, fit, and comfort. Things to consider when picking a mask:

The size and shape of your face.

How much facial hair, if any.

How long and wide your nose is.

The bone structure of your face.

Do you have dentures?

Have you had issues with nosebleeds or irritations prior to the fitting?

What are the different types of CPAP masks available for sleep apnea patients?

There are three main types of CPAP masks, and they’re generally available in all sizes. Some manufacturers like ResMed also offer “For Her” versions that are designed specifically for the contours specific to women’s heads and faces – but there is no right answer when it comes down to how best to mask your needs!

Full Face Masks cover both nose AND mouth; 

Nasal Masks fit only over one nostril offering lighter fits than Full-Face type devices; 

Naspolish Pillow Mask provides high levels openness & visibility through extremely lightweight construction

Which types of CPAP masks do you need? 

It may seem like the answer is obvious, but there are other factors to consider. For example, if you have facial hair or claustrophobia, it’s likely that a smaller mask will feel more comfortable. Or, if your goal is improved therapy and not comfort (e.g., for those with sleep apnea), then a larger mask might be better suited for you.

Despite a slightly greater weight, you may simply find that full face masks feel more comfortable – it often comes down to personal preference, and how a specific mask style will fit over the unique contours of your face. In any case, your doctor can help you try on a number of masks.

Ultimately, the best type of mask for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. After all, if you’re not wearing your CPAP mask regularly, you’re not getting the full level of sleep.

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