What’s the difference between the nasal pillow mask, nasal mask or full face mask?

There are a variety of different types and styles when it comes to masks, but the most important thing is what you need from your mask. The style will depend on personal preference as well as facial anatomy; some people might find they like wearing full face or nasal pillows while others only wish their noses were covered by something at all times!

How do you adjust to wearing a CPAP mask?

Adjusting to wearing a CPAP mask is not an easy feat, but the key lies in consistency. 

By using your device every night and putting on that awesome outfit you’ve got planned for tomorrow morning- well sets of teeth will come out!

Do your masks have different sizes. How do I make sure I get the right size?

You should always wear your mask with the proper fit. The last thing you want is for it to be loose around your face or tight, which can lead not only uncomfortable feelings but also leaks in some cases! So make sure that when trying on new masks they are just right by adjusting them until there’s no more leaking air coming out of any part under the nose area (especially around the bridge).

How do I know if my CPAP mask is leaking?

If you’re noticing any of the following signs on your CPAP mask, then it’s probably best to get a new one. Some things that might indicate an older style or model is not as durable and may need replacing include: wearing thin at edges; torn elastic straps near corners; cracking plastic around nose area (the part where pressure fits); shiny stickers/decals peeling off backing paper along edges .

How do I clean my mask?

It’s a good idea to clean your CPAP mask every week or two because natural oils from skin can cause accelerated wear and tear. This means the seal on your device may be compromised, compromising comfortability! You should also try not sleep in it for long periods at all night as this will irritate you more

I always recommend cleaning my own machine with soap & water instead of blowing through an attachment – that way I know exactly what ingredients are coming into contact with me each time (and no one else gets them).

You don’t have time to clean your mask? Don’t worry, our wipes are here! Use them on any type of nose and mouth protection. Simply wipe away the dirt without worrying about washing or dry cleaning it because they’re so easy-to-use that you’ll be able to use them in a heartbeat (literally).  For more information, visit our to know more about our masks.

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