5 stretches before bed for a good night’s sleep

It is normal that at some point in our life we ​​experience problems sleeping, especially if we suffer from respiratory failure. Sleep apnea can cause insomnia but it is important to treat it in time so that it does not turn into a disorder that ruins your quality of life.

Lack of energy, irritability, headache, are just some of the consequences of not resting properly.

If you suffer from problems falling asleep, in this article you will find the right tools to improve and incorporate new habits that will help you rest better.

good night's sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Those people who have ever suffered from insomnia know what it is about, it is a slow process, which begins to take over the patient almost without realizing it. Poor or little sleep causes energy during the day to slowly run out and when night comes that exhaustion will not let you sleep either, so the cycle begins again.

Some of the main factors that can cause problems getting to sleep are:

* Stress: not disconnecting from work, routine or technology does not help the brain to rest, although this skill can be trained over time.

* Sudden routines changes that modify sleep, breathing level and heart rate. Our internal clock follows a cycle close to 24 hours and needs certain external variables such as light and dark to synchronize on a daily basis.

* Large dinners and lack of physical activity.

* Consumption of alcoholic or stimulant beverages before sleeping.

How to sleep better?

Physical activity helps you fall asleep, although before going to sleep it is important that you practice gentle exercise, a walk, yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. Here are 5 relaxations that you should take into account to sleep better.

1- The child’s posture: 

You should start on your knees, bringing your feet together, lower your hips to the ankles and extend your arms forward. Also lower your forehead and rest it on the ground. Close your eyes, adjust your posture eliminating any tension, and breathe easily. You will notice how your back is freed from any tension that you may have accumulated throughout the day.

2- The Brimana posture:

Sit on a mat or rug and cross your feet, bringing them closer to your body as much as possible, but without putting them under the legs.In this position, the hip muscles are stretched and the spine recovers its natural curvature.

3.Trunk-style stretch:

Start in the previous position, stretch one leg and direct your hands towards the ankle of the straight leg. You just have to stay in the position that you can hold without feeling pain. The goal of this stretch is for you to enjoy the relaxation that occurs in your body.

Breathe slowly and deeply. In each exhalation try to relax and lower a little more.

4. Stretch your back:

This exercise will give you flexibility in the spine, which will help you relieve tension and the hustle and bustle of the day to day decrease. To put it into practice, you just have to stretch your legs and bend forward with the intention of grabbing your ankles. If you don’t make it, go down as far as you can. Find a nice stretch point. If you have to bend your knees a little, nothing happens, it is about getting a gentle stretch that lets you go to sleep with a feeling of relaxation in the body.

It is important that the breaths are smooth.

5. Conscious breathing:

Lie on your back, with your legs slightly apart, your arms stretched out to the sides of your body and your palms facing up, and allow yourself to relax. Feel your body against the surface of the bed. Look for any tension and relax your muscles. Your breathing should be relaxed and you have to feel it in your abdomen, your chest or in your nostrils. Now focus your attention on the complete breath, from start to finish.

Do the exercise for a few minutes and remember, each time a thought passes through your mind, release it and refocus on your breath.

It is important that you put this type of exercise into practice every night, you can choose the one you like the most and adapt it to your needs.

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