Why is the AirSense 11 Automatic CPAP Machine Released by ResMed a Good Choice?

ResMed has launched a new CPAP mask on the market, this is the AirSense 11, it is already available in the country and has a positive pressure device that helps improve breathing and sleep for patients.

This product includes new features such as a personal therapy assistant and a care record, which are designed to provide greater comfort and safety to each user. It also has various updates so that users can enjoy the latest version of this tool.

What are the benefits of the AirSense 11 automatic CPAP machine?

This equipment helps patients to improve their rest and sleep comfortably and safely. It also allows doctors to provide better care and that it is much more efficient.

Features of the AirSense 11 Automatic CPAP Machine

Learning to use this equipment is very simple, on the Internet you can find various tutorials where you can see step by step and understand how to use it. On the other hand, healthcare providers can provide answers to certain questions from their users.

Its design is very technological and versatile, as it has a touch screen which mimics a mobile device. On the other hand, it includes therapy algorithms and users, as we have mentioned before, can request and carry out updates from an application.

The AirSense 11 has a smart APP and a monitoring platform called AirView. The application allows to know the amount of time that patients spend using CPAP therapy, accounting of sleep apneas that occur per hour, if there are air leaks and the number of times the patient has removed the mask. With this data, he not only clarifies the user’s situation, but also gives him advice to improve his therapy.

It also includes three different models: AutoSet, CPAP and Elite, which makes it versatile. Its on / off button allows each therapy to be easily activated and deactivated.

It has high wireless update capacity which helps to always be at the forefront and maintain each of the functions.

The humidifier can be controlled manually or automatically as desired by each patient and can be done through the climate control button.

The AutoRamp feature provides low airflow pressure to help you fall asleep and then steadily increases to the prescribed level.

Breathing pressure relief maintains regular airflow pressure as you inhale and reduces pressure to facilitate exhalation.

 This machine is available in the United States and is compatible with all ResMed masks.

Why is the AirSense 11 so important?

This machine helps to improve the quality of life and sleep of your patients and the people who live with them. Sleep apnea is a condition suffered by a large part of the population and refers to a respiratory pathology that can affect rest.

Those who suffer from this condition are in general people with hypertension, who resort to sleep therapy with CPAP machines, to find a solution to their problems. These are very effective. as they help to satisfy oxygen to users.

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