What precautions to take when traveling as a respiratory patient?


When you are a chronic respiratory patient, you may have, even depending on your illness, the energy to do some activities that satisfy us.

Also the obligations that sometimes with days of lack of oxygen in the blood cost us much more, such as work, visits to doctors among several.

But today we are going to talk about the days that we can go out and enjoy.

We all know the moment and crisis in health that we are going through in the world, but we also know that it will soon be solved and we will be able to return to our daily life, which we missed so much and little did we realize the real value that it had.

That is why we want to leave you some tips and precautions so that when we resume our daily activities throughout the country we are ready with everything, to enjoy them and use the times 100%.

Ready for future activities?

  • Review or perform service annually the oxygen or medical equipment we have to travel or must use periodically.
  • Check Battery Status Monthly.Example: if we have a team with 3 batteries but we only use one in the whole year, check the state of the other 2 remaining batteries, because they are empty and may even require a reset.
  • Prepare cables and list each accessory of each equipment in its cases or adequate space for transportation.
  • Take manuals of each team in case they are needed (in case of traveling outside your city)
  • Always have the phone number recorded from your patient service provider in your phone book, for any inconvenience with it.
  • Oxygen Equipment has 24 hour assistance for all subscribed patients, via website, telephone and the whats app.

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